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Carolyn Stone

By Cassandra Richardson, Secondary Education major, Social Studies concentration, University of Maine at Farmington, Class of 2010

Carolyn A. Stone is the namesake for the Stone Wellness Community on the campus of the University of Maine Farmington. What many know about Stone is limited to the wellness contract for students who choose to live in the Wellness Community, the building itself, and the residents. It does not reflect the life and achievements of the woman, the professor, and the athlete.

Carolyn A. Stone was born in Brewer, Maine, on October 19 of 1876. She attended Brewer High School, graduating from there in 1894. She went on to further her education at the Farmington State Normal School, where she graduated in 1898. Upon receiving her diploma, she was one of three in her graduating class to be invited to teach for a one-year period for the Farmington Model School. She enjoyed the experience so much so that she accepted a position at the New Britain Model School in New Britain, Connecticut.

In 1901, Miss Stone returned to Maine, and more specifically, to the Farmington State Normal School as a member of the faculty. She was the very first physical training instructor at the school, specializing in calisthenics and kinesiology. During this time, she also served as the school nurse. Miss Stone took a two-year leave of absence from the school, and returned in 1905.

When she returned to the faculty staff, she resumed her duties as the physical training instructor and nurse. In 1924, Miss Stone was named the first Dean of Women for the school. She retired from the position of school nurse in 1928, when a professional nursing graduate was hired at her insistence. She remained on staff until her retirement in 1939. In her free time, Miss Stone is credited with knitting and volunteering for the American Red Cross during both World War I and World War II.

On February 22, 1955, Miss Stone was acknowledged by the Colonial Daughters Chapter of the Daughters of America as a ‘true pioneer of education.’ In June of 1961 she was also awarded the title of ‘Professor Emeritus,’ nine years shy of being retired for thirty years. In 1964, the University of Maine at Farmington invited Miss Stone as the honoured guest for the naming ceremony of their newest residence hall, to be specifically tailored as a women’s community with an emphasis in physical wellness. Stone Wellness Community is named in her honour, and eventually turned into a co-ed wellness community sometime in the late 1980s.

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