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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown


Since its founding, Farmington has been the home to strong, creative, and talented citizens who have shaped the history of the area, the state, the nation, and the world.

Inventors, Designers, Musicians, and Artists

  • Leonard Atwood 1852-1902: "Father of the Skyscraper;" inventor of the elevator (sold his patents to Otis); designer of fishing reels (also see business leader below)
  • Supply Belcher 1751-1836: American composer, singer, and compiler of "tune books"; dubbed the "Handel of Maine."
  • Bob Marley born 1967:Comedian, graduate of University of Maine Farmington
  • Chester Greenwood 1858-1937: Inventor of earmuffs and other items
  • Lillian Nordica 1857-1914: Internationally famous opera singer
  • John Frank Stevens 1853-1943: UMF graduate who was chief engineer of the Panama Canal
  • Daniel Stewart 1786-1827: Joiner, cabinet maker, and furniture maker

Educators, Authors, and Historians

  • Edward Abbott 1841–1908: American clergyman, journalist, and author; son of Jacob Abbott
  • Jacob Abbott 1803-1879: Founder of The Abbott School and author of children's books, brief histories, biographies, and more
  • Elizabeth Akers Allen, née Chase 1832-1911: Author, journalist and poet
  • Nathan Cutler 1775-1861: one of the founders of the Farmington Academy (also see political leader below)
  • W. G. Mallett ??-1942: Principal of Farmington State Normal School (now University of Maine Farmington) 1909-1940 (Mallett Elementary School in Farmington is named for him)
  • Carolyn Stone 1876-1965: UMF graduate and first physical training instructor at the school, specializing in calisthenics and kinesiology

Business and Political Leaders

  • Leonard Atwood 1852-1902: President of Wiscasset, Waterville, & Farmington Railroad Company (also see inventor above)
  • Nathan Cutler 1775-1861: Farmington's delegate to Maine's first Constitutional Convention, representative in the Maine Senate, President of Maine's Senate, temporary governor of Maine upon the death of Enoch Lincoln, County Treasurer for Franklin County (also see educator above)
  • Isabel (Whittier) Greenwood 1862-1958: Philanthropist, civic leader, suffragette who testified before Maine's state legislature for a woman's right to vote
  • Janet Trafton Mills born 1947: Maine's 75th governor and first governor from Franklin County (also Maine's first female governor); Maine Attorney General (2009-2011, 2013-2019); lawyer
  • Stephen Titcomb 1752-1847: One of Farmington's first settlers


  • Dan Simoneau born 1959: Olympic cross-country skier
  • Seth Wescott born 1976: Two-time Olympic gold medalist and professional snowboarder